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Proposal with the results, conclusions, and proposed modifications pertaining to in-curriculum and extra-curriculum issues.

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The following proposals have been successfully implemented within the framework of the Erasmus+ Educational Program “Our School, My Future – ESL project” in all five partner schools. They aim to motivate and get teachers, students, parents, etc. involved in the task of combatting ESL.

The individual thematic areas of the interventions and/or programs proposed within typical education as well as the activities that fall within the framework of non-typical education were selected, implemented, and proposed so as to satisfy the interests of students, their future professional development, the effort to promote a “healthy” lifestyle as well as the development of student personality as active and socially aware European citizens.

Published in Proposals

The Greek students that participated in the first TPM in Luis de Góngora (Spain) presented part of their initial work on “Our School Garden” community, explained how the partners would utilize the e-Twinning platform and, finally, received feedback from their foreign counterparts and exchanged ideas with them.

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Protypo Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias created and performed a comprehensive presentation of the district of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki, and the school itself to the teachers, students, and parents of the Spanish and Turkish schools during the 1st and 2nd TPMs.

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